Civil Contracting Insurance for Your Business

Civil contractors work every day on complex projects, and they are engaging in dangerous work that may happen on the water, near power lines, or in range of other buildings. You must purchase insurance for your business, and you may take out insurance for each job. This article explains how you may purchase insurance, work with an insurance carrier, and make your projects much safer.

What Do Civil Contractors Do?

Civil contractors work on big jobs that include roads, sidewalks, infrastructure, and sewers. You may work on big jobs that spread across a community, or you may use your skills to change how a community is put together. You must purchase civil contracting insurance gold coast policies that cover your company, your job, or your workers.

The policies are quite complex because they flex to meet your needs given the job. You may have chosen a policy that covers your business all year long, and you may purchase policies that cover each job. People that hire you expect you to have insurance or a bond to pay for your employees and their safety. A letter from the insurance company shows your clients that you have taken the steps required to protect them, and they allow you to file claims when needed.

How Long Do Policies Last?

You must buy a policy for the year that protects your company, and you purchase a policy for each job. Ensure that you have chosen a policy that has the level of coverage you believe is needed and ask for a policy term that helps you cover each job. You may purchase a policy that lasts a couple days while you complete a job, or you may purchase a policy that covered you for months. The policies you purchase are priced based on individual risk, and your company often receives a better price when you have a longstanding relationship with the insurance carrier.

What Are You Protected Against?

You are protected against bad weather, employee injury, product loss, and theft. The jobs that you do are often dangerous, and you are protected against claims by the city because you may have violated their regulations or damaged something in the process. You need an insurance policy that shows you are covered, and the city may not issue you a permit until you have this policy. You are proving to your employees that they are protected, and medical expenses are paid for each person who may be hurt on the job. You do not wish for anyone to get hurt, but you must take steps to protect these people as much as you possibly can.

Find an Agent

You may reach out to an agent today who helps you create a policy. They build a policy for your company, and they may create a policy for each new job that you begin. You are spending a tiny amount of money on protection that keeps your company in the clear.