Proper Tree Maintenance Protects Homes and Property

Having a home in the lush mountainous regions of Colorado is a special treat for homeowners. While the benefits are many, there are unique maintenance issues that homeowners face in this region of the country. Because the weather can be so diverse, most homeowners know they need to be prepared for almost any kind of weather pattern. That means home maintenance requires precautionary work be done to help ward off potential damage from different types of storms.

One of the more common concerns can be damage to homes and property by fallen trees, branches or limbs. While healthy trees do not usually cause damage, the truth is any tree can be uprooted or snap if the wind shear is high enough, or the snow fall is heavy enough. But there are things that property owners can do to help protect against this happening.

The truth is, one of the number one causes of property damage to homes and property is fallen trees and limbs. If they fall on a home they can not only damage a roof, but if the tree is heavy enough they can damage as much as half a house or more. Fallen branches from a tree can cause damage to roofs, attics, power lines, personal property, cars and more. The best way to prevent this type of damage from occurring is by properly having trees pruned and maintained with highly trained professional
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Identifying Tree Problems

Trees as they age have certain spots that can become structurally weakened. When this happens, certain parts of the tree can break off or become prone to damage in a storm. Additionally, it’s not uncommon for sections of trees to die off from age, pest infiltration or disease. When this happens, the tree is at much higher risk of losing limbs, branches or even breaking.

The good news is that much of this can be avoided by having trees checked by an arborist or tree professional and by having them pruned. While some people feel that pruning a tree damages a tree, this is not the case. Trees are usually very resilient and pruning off damaged, over-burdened, dead or insect infested branches or limbs can save a tree and bring back its health and vitality. The important part of any type of tree pruning, is knowing which part of the tree should be pruned and when.

One of the best times of year to look for potential damage to a tree, is the summer months. The reason for this, is that during the summer months insects are often in full gear and overgrowth is more noticeable. When insects are carrying out damage to a tree, one of the tell-tale signs is loss of tree bark. Often underneath tree bark tunnels have been bored by insects. This is one of the signs that the tree has been damaged. In addition, the summer is when tree overgrowth occurs which can become entangled in powerlines and should be taken care of quickly.

When a tree shows a lack of leaves on certain branches, this is usually indicative that the branch or limb is damaged, diseased or is dead and should be cut off to help preserve the nutrients in the rest of the tree. Proper tree maintenance such as pruning is vital to ward off further problems. Pruning often helps preserve trees and protect homes and property.