What Are Signs And Behaviors Associated With Psychological Abuse Of The Elderly?

In Texas, too often nursing home abuse isn’t reported. The patients who experience the horrific acts don’t receive the protection they deserve. The lack of information is a common reason for the failures. A local attorney offers a full explanation of the signs and behaviors associated with psychological abuse of the elderly.

Changes in Your Senior Loved One

The first signs of abuse include sudden and unexplained nervousness and anxiety. Seniors exhibit signs of depression, including weight loss, erratic sleep patterns, and a refusal to speak for days. It is also likely that you’ll notice a lack of proper hygiene even in seniors who are typically clean individuals.

The manner in which the senior behaves in front of certain staff members defines who is abusing the senior. Typically, the senior won’t make eye contact with them, and a sudden wave of fear will take the senior over.

Behavior Patterns of Abusers

  • Denial of Family Visits: An abusive nursing home staff often refuses to allow the family to see the senior. The individuals make up excuses such as illnesses or participation in activities that don’t involve the family. Often, the patient is locked in their room and/or wearing restraints.
  • Treating the Patient like a Child: Staff members who approach patients as if the senior was a child are often the individuals who are abusing the senior. The individuals are also talking down to the patients when the family isn’t present and punishing the patient in the same manner.
  • Convenient Excuses for Injuries: Abusive caregivers are quick to make up a convenient excuse for unexplained injuries. They often redirect the blame on the senior indicating that the senior caused their own injuries based on their actions.
  • Constant Complaints About the Senior: Caregivers who are abusive complain about the senior to their family. The complaints aren’t introduced in a caring manner. They are often vicious and embarrassing remarks.

In Texas, families of seniors have the legal right to take action if they suspect elderly abuse. The procedures for taking action start with reporting the staff to law enforcement and removing the senior from the facility. Civil actions are also taken to acquire compensation for tort-based rulings. Families that need help against unethical nursing homes contact an attorney right now.